The food industry is crying for sustainable Innovation

The “Dev” in DevChef stands for Development—as in Food Product Development. As a
licensed Black Belt in Innovation Engineering (IE) with 35 years of Food experience, I
will help you identify where innovation will elevate your product.
Together, we will surmount your development challenges and enhance your existing
product line. To do so, we will incorporate my personally developed innovation
system—a system that helped me develop a triple award-winning product within a
challenging price-sensitive food category.

Remember—it’s only an innovation if it’s meaningfully unique.

The ethos of my system is simple.

“Fail fast. Fail cheap.”

Fail? Yes—fail.
To truly innovate, we must be willing to embrace failure so that we may learn from our
mistakes and expand our knowledge and experience. By limiting our failures to the early
stages of product development, we will create meaningful products with competitive
price-points through our rapid cycles of failing and learning.

Let’s create lasting food impressions on this world!

As a licensed Black Belt in Innovation Engineering (IE)

I will help you find, filter and fast track innovations to grow your business.

6x Faster. Up to 80% Smarter.

And I have the data to prove that I can !



Start-ups and independent operators
The quick-service industry
Casual and premium restaurant chains
Healthcare dining facilities.


Grocery supermarkets
Local markets
Online retail stores
And more!


Ingredient suppliers
Restaurant service providers
Supermarket product suppliers

"He's a leader of change. He's a catalyst for transformation. He's a guide into the new world."

Doug Hall
Inventor, Speaker, Author & Whisk(e)y Maker

Who will I help with Innovation?

Business Leaders

I will personally guide you through the innovation process to develop a new system or product.


I am licensed to teach curriculum in colleges and universities.


I will help your organization rapidly implement IE as part of your internal Innovation operating system and reduce integration costs.

Start Ups

Have an idea that could disrupt a market?
Then you need a cost-effective and successful innovation system. I can help.

Contact me now to start doing “cool stuff that matters”