Innovation – where is the start line?

Innovation rocks! Its meant to be as fun as it is demanding, and I love helping people get to the start line! It all starts with an idea. And then the idea gets refined til its “crystal clear”, but “crystal clear” to who?

A consumer will pay more for a product , system or service, that is meaningfully unique and solves a problem for them.

So the idea has to be “crystal clear” to them . This is where it all starts. Spending the time up front to fully define your innovation will save you up to 6 x the time and 10 times the money!

Whats the problem you’re solving, whats your promise (solution) and whats your proof (how), you’re going to do it.

Answering these 3 simple questions clearly is where it all starts. But it takes time and dedication and , of course , a willingness to have fun!

Contact me to find out more. I’m here to take the journey with you. Lets do “cool stuff that matters”

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